Patient Information
Our consultation service is available in Toronto to patients, we fit patients who have been fitted unsuccessfuly before. Due to our capabilities we can design and produce contact lenses which will solve most of the problems associated with wearing contact lenses. However we do not guarantee 100% success, as the problems can be minor to major. We do have a high success rate and we do everything possible to ensure a lens that is comfortable and that it acheives the optimum vision.

 Our laboratory produces some unique lenses which solve very difficult fitting problems, if you have a corneal problem resulting in poor vision with glasses, then we can usually help you.

 Mr Michael Stoker has been fitting specialised contact lenses for many years, including 10 years at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He has been fitting Semi-scleral contact lenses for over 30 years, designed to overcome problems with irregular corneas. (Keratocous, scarring, dry eyes
post lasik and post Rk problems. )
 We produce cosmetic soft lenses for scarred or disfigured eyes. We solve problem soft lens fits by producing a lens designed for that patient. (As oposed to the off the shelf lenses which are designed
to fit within a specific range.)

 We offer a free consultation to assess the problems and give you a reasonable estimate of the time and cost of the fitting.
 Call 416 292 7555
 By appointment only
 52, Shorting Rd
 Scarborough, Toronto , Ontario Canada

 Note we can fit most patients if required on a 2 day basis
 However there has to be follow up care.

 Hours Monday to Thursday 9 to 5 Friday 9 to 3.30

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     Keratoconus, corneal scarring , Post lasik, RK ,
     Semi scleral, Dry eyes, cosmetic soft lenses, irregular corneas,
Patient Information