Fitting Guide
Soft Lenses
Based on a standard 11.50m corneal diameter (HVID) the following base curves and diameters apply. For larger corneas with the same K,s go 1/2 mm larger and the next base curve flatter. For smaller diameters go one base curve steeper and 1/2 mm smaller.
There should be no edge stand off and no bubble trapped under the lens. The lens should move freely with a lower edge nudge from the lower lid margin. (manipulated)
Movement with blink should 1/2 mm with the edge not lifting over the lower margin of the cornea.
There should be no indentation around the limbus on removal.
Use standard soft lens disinfecting solutions. Clean lenses on removal
Do not use no rub solutions and if possible a daily cleaner.
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CUSTOM FLEX 38, 42, GL 49, 75
There should be 1/2 to 1 mm of movement with blink on upward gaze. If the lower edge impinges on the lower limbus go 1/2 mm larger.
If excessive movement go steeper or larger. If little or no movement go flatter and if more than 1 mm larger than the HVID go smaller.
Check for movement after 20 minutes of wear.

Edge bubbles- go steeper or larger diameter.
centre bubble- go flatter base curve and or smaller diameter.

It is strongly suggested to do Topography on all patients prior to fitting and especially if re-fitting previous long term wearers.

Topography should be done on every soft lens wearer
after 2 years of wear and every 2 years thereafter.
41.50 AND FLATTER  9.00 - 9.30MM  14.00 -14.5 MM  Y
43.50 - 41.75  8.70 MM  14.00 MM  Y
43.75 - 45.00  8.40  14.00 MM  Y
45.25 - 46.50  8.10  13.50 MM  Y
> 46.50  7.80  13.00 - 13.50 MM  Y
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