Colour Deficiency Lenses
Soft lenses for red green Colour Deficiency.
Material:      55% Methafilcon "A"
Design :       Standard, Custom or thin
Base Curves:     7.80  to   9.60  in .1mm steps (made to order)
Lens Diameters:  from 12.5 to 15.50 in 0.50 mm steps.
Powers : to order
Colour :  Deep Carmine Red
Zone size available :   5, 6, 7, or 9 mm  (must be larger than pupil)
Suggest fit lens to non dominant eye
Cost clear lens cost pus red custom tint cost.  per lens basis no refund or credit.
Combine with Cosmetic?
Text instead of stats
An effective way of overcoming red/green Colour deficiency we suggest fitting the non
dominant eye with the deep red lens, utilising a 7mm or larger red zone. deep anterior chambers require even larger.
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