Bandage Lens
Bandage lenses have may uses and as such we leave it to the practitioner to decide the application and parameters of these lenses. We will make them in any base curve, diameter and power within the bounds of the material. To simplify the choice we make the following lenses, however call us with your request and we will be pleased to quote you.
Custom flex 75B
                    7.80   12.50  plano
                    8.10   14.00  plano
                    9.30   16.50  plano
Custom flex 78B
                    10.10 19.50  plano 
Also available
                     9.00  15.00  plano
                      9.30  16.00 plano
                      9.50  17.00 plano
                      9.70  18.00 plano
and in the 78%
                      11.50  22.00 plano
Bandage Lens Designs
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