Specialty Designs
Recent studies seem to show that the increase in myopia is related to the para retinal defocus. In order to reduce this effect we suggest the use of our front surface aspheric distance centred with a small "e" factor. This wil become more utilised as we are able to measure accurately the amount of para retinal defocus.
This design which has been described by various experts (Volk, Goldberg et al.), relies on a front surface asphericity to work. It increases the depth of focus (similar to a pin hole pupil) It enables a practitioner to correct astigmatism without the use of a toroidal lens surface.
This gem has been around for many years and each year it improves to where now it is fast and reliable. Ideal for young teenagers with maleable corneas it works but takes longer with the mid years patients. A great alternative to refractive surgery.
Suitable for any irregular corneal surface, we have been manufacturing these lenses for many years with good success. Ideal for Keratoconus, post refractive surgery, injured corneas,corneal dystrophies, dry eyes, etc.
Our standard diameters are 13.50 mm and 14.50 mm, which has been shown over the last 20 years to be optimal in ease of fitting and getting a tear exchange under the lens.
We loan out a diagnostic set as these lenses cannot be fitted from K's or topography. Our consultation service can assist you with any areas which you are not familiar with.
These lenses have the advantage of not drying out and comfort as good as soft lenses. All day wear is the normal.
Also available with a reverse curve for post lasik and RK.
Our Unique design and fitting protocol has been worked out over may years.
My first semi-scleral fit was done in the early '80's to solve irregular cornea problems. later I extended the fitting when CAB came on the market and enabled me to stradle the cornea with minimally edema. In the early 90,s I got Menicon to manufacture me lenses in their high Dk material. This allowed me to go to larger diameters and longer wearing times.
We now use a 100 Dk material and and our own fitting philosophy with great success. Our lenses vary in thickness from .17 mm to .34 mm with a controllable edge lift (chordal)
Silperm 100
Soft Lens With RGP Pocket
This is a soft lens with a recessed area in the centre of the lens. The recessed area is standard 9.8 mm in diameter which will hold a lens of 9.5 - 9.7 mm in diameter.
The standard base curves are 8.10 mm, 8.40 mm, 8.70 mm. Other base curves and grooves are available to special order.
The standard lens diameter is 14.00 mm, again non standard diameters are available.
Groove depth is 0.1 mm.
Patient Information